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How it works

Kids Community has been licensed to provide family day care services using educators who run their own child care business from the safety of their homes. Kids Community is responsible for meeting all the requirements stipulated in the licensing conditions Educators working under Kids Community undertake to comply with all the requirements of Kids Community, Children Services Act and Children Services Regulations. The scheme and the educators are supervised by Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) and Department of Employment, Education and Work Relations (DEEWR).

Educators run their own businesses and provide developmental and care needs to the children for a fee. Educators are not employees of Kids Community and are free to set their own fees. Child Care fees are paid by the parents to the educator. Any Child Care Benefits (CCB) entitlement from Family Assistance office (FAO) is also passed on to the educator.

Types of care available:

  • Standard Hours (8 am – 6 pm)
  • Before school care
  • After school care
  • 24 hour care (subject to approval from DEEWR).
  • Care outside working hours.

For specific requirements of each type of care please contact Kids Community offices.

Fees and Charges

Parents are required to enter into a contract of the educator of their choice. The contract stipulates that the Parent/Guardian is responsible for payment of fees even when the Family Assistance Office (FAO), does not remit the Child Care Benefits (CCB )portion of care fees. The Educators set their own fees and the Parent/Guardian is provided with a fee schedule before the care starts. Educators are expected to charge all families equally. Parents/Guardians may be eligible for CCB which is administered by FAO. Parents/Guardians should contact FAO and obtain all information necessary to receive the CCB on behalf of the educator.

Enrolment procedure

Children Services Act and Regulations stipulate the priority of access to child care. Kids Community places children according to this guidelines. More information on priority of access can be found on www.mychild.com.au.

We have simplified the enrolment process into six steps:

Please see Kids Community

PDFKC enrol form 1.5

Request for placement. Refer to ‘Request for placement” section.

Kids Community will contact you to discuss your request. If your request can be met then proceed to Step 3.

  1. Attend enrolment interview at Kids community offices. Bring along Child Health Record, immunization Record, Special needs details (if any), List of Expectations for your child whilst in care.
  2. Visit the homes of the educators shortlisted for you by Kids Community and discuss your Child Care needs with the educator. Advise Kids Community of your choice of educator.
  3. Sign a Parent/Educator agreement with your chosen educator and forward a copy to Kids Community together with you and your Child’s FAO details
  4. Prepare your child for care adequately and start care as per agreement with your educator.

Attending Child Care Finally your child has been enrolled and is ready for their first day with the new educator. It is important for Parents/Guardians to take active part in the Child’s development. This requires the Parents to:

  • Connect positively with the educator and communicate specific requirements for the child.
  • Review the child development journals and suggest improvements to development program.
  • Complement the educators by revising learning activities.
  • Re-enforcing good behavior management strategies agreed with the educator.
  • Packing adequate clothing and nutrition food as necessary.
  • Visiting Kids Community website regularly for up to date news.

Request for care placement.

Once you have read all the requirements, enrolment procedures and responsibilities of each party you can request for placement by filling the form on the right of this page.

Contact us here and one of our staff will get back to you.

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