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If you don’t have the certifications to work in Childcare, then we highly recommend the Victorian Education and Training Group for their expert teaching staff, extensive teaching experience, and an unrelenting dedication to their students.

Click here for their Childcare courses.

How it works

Kids Community has been licensed to provide family day care services using educators who run their own child care business from the safety of their homes. Kids Community is responsible for meeting all the requirements stipulated in the licensing conditions

Educators working under Kids Community undertake to comply with all the requirements of Kids Community, Education and Care Services Law Act 2010 & Regulations 2011. The coordination unit and the Educators are supervised by Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) and Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

Educators run their own businesses and provide developmental and care needs to the Children for a fee. Educators are not employees of Kids Community and are free to set their own fees. Child Care fees are paid by the parents to the educator. Any Child Care Benefits (CCB) entitlement from Family Assistance office (FAO) is also passed on to the educator.

Things to consider

Are you tired of long working and commuting hours taking you away from your kids?

Would you like to turn your natural ‘parenting’ talent into a professional career? Then it is time to consider becoming an educator. Like any other life changing decisions there are considerations to make.

Being an educator will mean opening up your home for use by other children, parents, fieldworkers and government regulators. How will this change impact your family?

  • Changes may be required to your home to meet safety requirements
  • Educating children requires that you enjoy being with and guiding children. Being health and energetic contribute to high performance.
  • Continuous skills’ training is a vital component of the maintaining quality and keeping up with the latest child development practices.
  • Running your own business requires basic skills like time management, book keeping, debt recovery, seeking new children and risk management. These skills can be learnt with adequate motivation and the desire to succeed.

Benefits of being and Educator

As an educator you will benefit as follows:

  • Meet the needs of your children by working from your home.
  • Determine which hours you want to work
  • Develop your business into a recession-proof career in Child Care.
  • Run your own enterprise, your destiny in your own hands!
  • Enlarge your social network through meeting with other educators, attending courses and interaction with parents.
  • Contribute positively to a child’s life.

Responsibilities of an Educator

The primary responsibility of and educator is to cater for the developmental and welfare needs of Children in the absence of their Parents or guardians. This requires the educator to:

  • Connect positively with the child in terms of the child’s need, language, cultural practices, behavior management and parental preferences.
  • Provide a safe home environment where the children are free from harm at all times
  • Comply with Education & Care Services Law Act 2010 & Regulation 2011.
  • Keep qualifications and training current.
  • Document child development needs and attendance.
  • Promptly bill parents for fees.
  • Meet requirements of the National Quality Framework for Children Services.
  • Keep all Business Accounting books in order.
  • Comply with Kids Community FDC policies and procedures.
  • Have current Public Liability Insurance
  • Have Personal Accident Insurance, of transporting Children.
  • Attend professional development activities
  • Implement development programs.

Process of becoming an Educator

We have simplified the process into the following ten simple steps; also see the attached form

PDFEducator Selection Criteria

  • Register your interest. Refer to ‘Register your interest” section.
  • Kids Community reviews your Expression of interest.
  • Attend interview and information session.
  • Apply for WWCC Working With Child Check.
  • Home Safety Inspection by Kids Community Fieldworker.
  • Apply for WWCC Working With Child Check., Police Check, and Medical certificate. Also required for adults (17 years or more) living in your home.
  • Submit all certificates (First Aid, Anaphylaxis, Auto injection Device application, Asthma management, Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care and documents to Kids Community).
  • Attend orientation session. Kids Community will issue all the relevant forms, time sheet books etc at this session.
  • Complete any items that have been identified in Home Safety Check and advice fieldworker for inspection.
  • Obtain Public Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance (if transporting children) and Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Meet parents and sign up children. Endure Parent/Care Provider agreement is in place before commencement.

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